Month: July 2022

Fire Holiday!

F un : The time i had Fun was when i went karaoke with my sister and her friends, it was fun cause we kept laughing of how we sing.

I ntegrity: I had showed Integrity in the holidays by helping my Mum with the chores and helping my Sister with work.

R espect: There was this time I showed Respect by using my maners when someone gives me something such as “thank you” or when I wan’t something I say “please”

E xcellence: I showed Excellence by helping other people even if i dont know them.  !


Motat Trip

Yesterday on June 29th Team Tui went on a trip to Motat, The ride to Motat was funny because my friends kept on making me laugh.

There were so many stuff like cars, train, houses, toys, and lots of other things.

My favourite thing was that i got to go in the old rusty car, and the tram.